The Etch-a-Tech Laser Marking Advantage

Our technicians and designers will work with you on your detailed logos/company brands or just simple text, large to miniature characters, or custom artwork that you'd like engraved on your equipment.

At Etch-a-Tech, we stand behind our craftsmanship! Our high-tech lasers mark metals, coated materials, plastics and much more. We offer quick turnaround, and our prices are competitive with traditional methods, in most cases.

Rest assured that our laser marking is of the highest quality and resolution; is as permanent as the material being marked; and no physical contact or stress is caused on etched materials.

There is no reason why your high-tech equipment and products should be left unguarded.  Check out your Financial Benefit!

Equipment theft prevention solutions
....why they don't always work

Security cables and locks
  • Cable not secured or poorly secured
  • Cables cut, attach points destroyed

Locked rooms, closets, labs
  • Rooms not locked
  • Break-ins and unauthorized keys

Hand engraving of serial numbers
  • Not done
  • Poor tracking of asset serial numbers
  • Hard to trace after theft

Sticker and security plates
  • Good security warnings but minimal ownership definition
  • Stickers and plates can be removed

Software, GPS systems, Computrace, LoJack, etc.
  • Computer cleansing
  • Initial costs (e.g. GPS chip cost)
  • Recurring annual service fees
  • No visible deterrent for theft
  • Only applicable to internet-connected devices
  • More of a recovery solution

Surveillance systems
  • Requires constant monitoring and response action
  • Equipment likely gone even if perpetrators are apprehended

We provide these services:

  • Ownership definition
  • Anti-theft notices
  • Custom Artwork
  • Serial numbers
  • Incremental marks
  • Safety warnings
  • Part numbers
  • Logos
  • Labels
  • Instructions
  • Bar Codes

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